Valentine's Day!

As January has already come and gone, February is in full force. So what’s next? Valentine’s Day! So what does everyone have in mind this year? Flowers? Candy hearts or a box of chocolates? Rose petals leading to a bedroom, bubble bath? All very nice and romantic, but how about something new that everyone can share (maybe).

This year for Valentine’s Day, we would like to introduce you to SAMANTHA. She is our new special batch, limited flavor for the month of February. She will be available along with Sophia, however, we wanted to make something special for that special someone.

hearts 1.jpg

This holiday treat is hand dipped in creamy white chocolate and covered with strawberry dust. Inside is stuffed with a house-made strawberries and cream filling, that has a hint of balsamic glaze. This candy will for sure have your taste buds ready for the evening shenanigans.


Head on over to our SHOP section to see more of Samantha, Sophia, and all of our other delicious treats. These bad girls won’t last long, so make sure to place orders early so we can deliver by Valentine’s Day.



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