The Cronut...

Look what we found at The Doughnut Hut in Burbank. A maple bacon cronut! I can’t count how many times I have been to this doughnut shop and I have never seen one of these. Not only did the look catch my eye, but the bacon on top of this delicious looking treat did as well. I had to have one.

For those of you who don’t know about these, they are a pastry that resembles a doughnut and is made from croissant-like dough. They are light and flaky and inside is just like a croissant, airy.


After one big bite I was hooked. I don’t typically go for maple doughnuts because the maple icing can be very sweet, but with bacon you can’t go wrong. The bacon was crunchy and very tasty. The maple icing was sweet, but with the saltiness of the bacon and flaky, buttery crust of the dough, it was mellowed out to taste just right. I almost didn’t want to share, but obviously I couldn’t keep this sweet treat all to myself.

If you ever come across one of these bad boys, I suggest your get on it before I find out they have more and buy them all. This specialty doughnut is a must have at least once. Do it for the bacon!