How do YOU breakfast?

I think almost all of us can agree breakfast tastes best with, you got it, BACON! I would imagine bacon & eggs is the staple, and just the wording alone screams, “BREAKFAST”. I mean, bacon even comes first and we all know the eggs are the star of these dishes (sorry bacon). But how far do you really go with bacon and breakfast?


How about some bacon & blueberry buttermilk pancakes. Not bacon WITH these buttermilk pancakes, bacon IN these buttermilk pancakes.

I recommend always making things from scratch, or at least most of the meals you cook. It’ll always taste better and when it’s all said and done, you’ll feel accomplished. So, if you have the stuff, buttermilk pancakes are typically made with flour, baking soda and powder, salt, and sugar. The dry ingredients are combined together in their own (glass) bowl. Beat a couple of eggs until one solid color. Work in buttermilk and whole milk, followed by some melted butter and vanilla extract. Make a hole/well/opening in the dry ingredients. Add the wet stuff to this hole/well/opening and SLOWLY add in the surrounding dry stuff. Mix until it all comes together the way you like.

Anyways, the bacon. Now, you can do a few things. Simply crisp up bacon in a frying pan, remove, let cool, dry, and then break it up into small pieces or bigger ones or leave it alone. The other option is you could do the same thing except when the bacon is cooking, pour some maple syrup on the bacon in the pan. This will give the bacon a more sweet taste. I did the former.

When you start up the pancakes on whatever kitchenware you’re cooking with, throw that bacon in the mixture, along with fresh blueberries, when you see the “holes” opening. Flip. You know the rest…

bacon and blueberry pancakes 2.jpg

**Just a little side note, the blueberries will be hotter than hell inside the pancakes**

Also, wash the blueberries you filthy animals!


Chris Hernandez